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Here are the latest events, research updates, publications and news from defeatHIV.


Modeling the kinetics of an HIV cure

February 15, 2021

 Dr. Fabian Cardozo-Ojeda  Kiem and Christopher Peterson asked a simple question: what percentage of CCR5-edited autologous HSPCs would be necessary to effectively cure a patient of HIV? 


Dr. Hans-Peter Kiem @TEDxSeattle:

Can we cure HIV with an injection?

November 2019

HIV was thought to be incurable, but after undergoing risky stem cell transplant surgeries, several patients no longer exhibit the deadly virus.  Dr. Hans-Peter Kiem takes that idea a step further and shares his pioneering research using new gene-editing techniques.

His bold vision may one day allow patients anywhere in the world to receive a single injection to stop HIV and other deadly diseases in their tracks.

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